How to Amp Up Your LinkedIn Presence in 2013

I meet so many business owners and executives who, when LinkedIn is mentioned, say something like “Yes, I must do something about LinkedIn one day”. If that’s you, here’s your chance. And it won’t cost you a red cent. Just some time: as in, about 20 minutes a day, six days a week, over a […]

LinkedIn Bloggers Group Provides a Spam Free Discussion Zone

I once read a blog post, which I have just found again thanks to Google, where the author Eric Reiss addressed the question of what might constitute an “Internet year” (much as we talk about “dog years”). The multiplier he came up with, offered as a “useful answer” to the question, was that 1 Internet […]

Google Plus is Not Open for Business but it is Open for Learning

Google’s latest foray into social networking, Google Plus, or Google+, which “aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life” is now out of beta and as of last week you don’t need an invitation to join. But do you need to join anyway? Are you maybe one of those people […]

I Blame Facebook for Debasing the Language of Friendship and Practice of Networking

We need to talk about Friends, Fans, “Likers”, Connectors and Followers: “friends” online can be different from the traditional, offline concept

Joining the Panel for Blogger Lunch at TechEd

I’ve not been alone in wondering about the usefulness of Twitter – Next Big Thing, The New Blogging, Complete and Utter Waste of Time??? – but I’ve just had a nice outcome, courtesy of keen user, Microsoft blogger Frank Arrigo. When I noticed on Twitter that Frank was at the Microsoft TechEd event at Broadbeach, […]