Joining the Panel for Blogger Lunch at TechEd

I’ve not been alone in wondering about the usefulness of Twitter – Next Big Thing, The New Blogging, Complete and Utter Waste of Time??? – but I’ve just had a nice outcome, courtesy of keen user, Microsoft blogger Frank Arrigo.

When I noticed on Twitter that Frank was at the Microsoft TechEd event at Broadbeach, about a 25 minute drive from me, I suggested a coffee. Frank went one better and got me onto the panel for the Bloggers Lunch tomorrow at TechEd.


The subject for the panel Web 2.0 and Social Networking:

  • What is Web 2.0?
  • Does it deserve the hype that surrounds it?
  • What does it mean for traditional media outlets?
  • What does it mean for societal communications?
  • Impacts on privacy, online safety etc?
  • The impact for technology professionals?

Love it!
I’m assured it’s going to be highly interactive.

Coffee would have been nice. This will be even better.

I think I might get to really like Twitter.

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  2. When I hear WEB 2.0 I think of css, mysgl php and java script / ajax and photoshop/
    I do not think microsoft…

    talking about wasting time.. Gosh I would love to have shelled out some cash for the tech ed next door, ( I live in broadbeach ) but busy trying to get BCM with outlook2007 working correctly without using huge amounts of RAM and .NET issues .. and trying to get things done without using sharepoint in infopath..

  3. Martin
    Now, if you’d been twittering I’d have known you were up this way in June/July. You are on for coffee next time and yes, I will report on today’s panel session – as it’s a bloggers’ lunch there will hopefully be some MS bloggers tapping away for some live blogging.

  4. Martin Neumann says:

    Hmmm… first time I’ve read something useful about Twitter. Glad something came out of it for you. There might be a glitter of hope with Twitter after all. 😉

    Broadbeach, eh!!! We (as in the better half, myself and the 6 year old) visit Broadbeach every June/July (we honeymooned their in ’93 and keep on coming back) – next year I expect you to take me to the best coffee house you know off and we can chat about all things social media. 🙂

    PS. I expect a full post on the MS Tech.Ed event.


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