Are You Using LinkedIn’s Power to Help Grow Your Business?

Linking Edge Intensive Feb 3-16 2014

Turbo-charge your LinkedIn presence and influence with the 14 day Linking Edge Intensive OK, so you are on LinkedIn. But are you taking advantage of the power of LinkedIn to help you grow your business? Most people I speak to about this tell me without hesitation that although they have a LinkedIn account, they are […]

How to Amp Up Your LinkedIn Presence in 2013

30 Day Linking Blitz

I meet so many business owners and executives who, when LinkedIn is mentioned, say something like “Yes, I must do something about LinkedIn one day”. If that’s you, here’s your chance. And it won’t cost you a red cent. Just some time: as in, about 20 minutes a day, six days a week, over a […]

Looking for Something to Tweet? LinkedIn Updates to the Rescue

My LinkedIn Updates with default All

With LinkedIn Updates you need never want for Twitter content So you’ve been to the networking breakfast and the guest speaker told you that regular, frequent tweets are essential to building your presence on Twitter. But what to tweet? For some people, that never seems to be an issue. For others, it’s a challenge. If […]

LinkedIn Bloggers Group Provides a Spam Free Discussion Zone

I once read a blog post, which I have just found again thanks to Google, where the author Eric Reiss addressed the question of what might constitute an “Internet year” (much as we talk about “dog years”). The multiplier he came up with, offered as a “useful answer” to the question, was that 1 Internet […]

LinkedIn is Much More Than a Place to Display Your Resume

LinkedIn Bloggers Group for serious and enjoyable conversation about social media and professional networking

With more than 150 million professionals as members, the LinkedIn networking service is, for my money, an essential part of any professional’s basic social networking “kit”. But as a few recent conversations have shown me, not everyone gets that. It seems there are many who see LinkedIn as little more than a place for people […]