What’s the Reading Age for Your Blog?

“You Should Aim for Grade 8 Reading Level.” ¬†“Are You Serious?” I still remember being quite shocked, some years ago, when a blogging expert said something to the effect that if you wanted to attract and keep readers for your blog you should make the language simple enough for someone with a reading age of […]

A Gmail Address with a Fake Name Won’t Cut it for Guest Posting

(This is a temporary “Claim Code” entry for Technorati to verify my claim on ownership of this blog: 6MFG8NXDDUV2 – it will be removed once the blog has been verified.) It seems like every other day I get an offer from someone to provide guest posts on this site. Sometimes that turns out well, as […]

Writing for MYOB Blog The Pulse

Our business has been a customer of accounting and payroll software providers MYOB since way back in the 90s, when they had just got started. And now I’m writing for the MYOB blog The Pulse. The blog is about “news, views and ideas for your business” and aims to provide content, news and articles that […]

If You Want to Guest Blog Here, Show Me How You Can Add Value

Update: December 2012 The experiment with guest posting has not been successful. I am not accepting any offers of guest posting, for the foreseeable future. I’ve had to spend too much time back and forth with too many people who are unwilling or unable to meet the terms of the guidelines. If you contact me […]

More Free Images for Your Blog Posts with Flickr and Creative Commons

Flickr as a source of free images This post is a follow up on a post last week about finding free images to use for blog posts and presentations, where I focused on using Wordle images. This post is about using images from the photo sharing site¬†Flickr. Now if you’ve used Flickr you might think […]