How to Have an Ergonomic Chair and Desk Without Spending Thousands

If you’ve set up a home office recently you’ll know it’s really easy to spend thousands of dollars on those old basics, a good chair and desk. And why not, if money is no object? Especially if you are working full time from home and are going to be spending a lot of time in […]

Some Expert Advice on Being Sensibly Organized

Home Office Organizer Brandie Kajino Shares Some Wisdom on Being Practical About the Junk First, a confession: I have never had a consistently tidy desk. There, I’ve said it – and that wasn’t really so bad. It was so good in those days long ago when I had a secretary who used to organize my […]

Martin Neumann Gets It: It’s the Lifestyle

One of the best bloggers in the home business zone – as in most informative, most entertaining, most literate, most uncompromising – is Martin Neumann. Host since 2005 of Home Office Voice, described then as “a new online media outlet (aka … a blog) that offers the latest news, reviews and general commentary in the […]

Another Water Dragon Visitor

Although he’s looking into the office, I assume this little critter was more interested in flies and insects than in me – another water dragon, this time outside the office. Part of the delight of working from home. (Note – Nov 16, 2009: the original picture in this post was of a water dragon trying […]