Do Your Business Values Include Having Fun?

Not everyone in business, by any means, subscribes in practice to the idea of business values being crucial, or even just important, for a business.  From what we learn of the more egregious examples of corporate misdoings, and personally from some of the negative experiences I’ve had as a business owner and as a customer […]

Would the Richard Branson Sense of Fun Work for Home Based Business?

Looking today for some inspiration for a blog post, I decided to take a dive into the archives (a standard tip as one of the ways to deal with blogger’s block). I noticed that back in October 2004 I had posted here about some key principles to which Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson  is said […]

Re-capturing the Joy of Blogging

If you’re experiencing blogger’s block, chances are your blogging has stopped being fun. Whether your first blog post was great fun or a serious, perhaps gut-wrenching challenge – not everyone loves writing – if you kept going for more than a month or two you presumably were getting some joy out of it, on some […]