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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Review

(This review of Adobe Photoshop CS6 is by one of our new guest bloggers, Celina Connor – see the author bio at the end of this post for more about Celina.) Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used computer applications of today. No other image editor is remotely as popular, as used and as […]

For Social Media Success We Need to Fish Where the Fish Are

  Likes and Dislikes No matter how often it happens, it’s always a great reality check for me. I’m talking about the situation where I’m in the midst of explaining to a business person how they could benefit from using a specific social platform, for example Twitter, or LinkedIn or Facebook, or some other platform, […]

Essential Gadgets for Entrepreneurs Who Work from Home

You’ll have to forgive me, for I am biased. My home writing and marketing business centers on the latest technology. So of course I think it’s important. What’s more, I think entrepreneurs working from home can use these gadgets to great advantage. A smartphone might seem like a toy, and a tablet even more so. […]

7 Basic Mistakes in Starting a Home Based Business

In this post I share seven of the many mistakes when I set up my own business working from home. Those mistakes surely cost me business and money in the short term, but I believe I learned from all of them. I hope by sharing my experience I can help some others who may be […]