5 Lessons from a Missed Business Appointment

OMG, I missed that appointment! Have you ever missed an important business appointment? I missed one this morning and was both embarrassed and annoyed with myself for doing so. Ironically, although I had the appointment date and time correctly listed in my Google calendar, I’d been using a separate backup/reminder system and that had a […]

Why Catching Up with Friends for a Chat is Good for Your Business

Coffee Time picture by antwerpenR on Flickr CC BY 2.0

One thing I regret about how I handled the early phase of setting up and managing my home based business is that I did not put enough value on catching up regularly with friends and former colleagues for a general chat.

I did meet up with people, but too often that was an excuse for a pitch session on my part, looking for business either from them directly or from people to whom they might refer me.

Not that there is anything wrong with pitching.

It’s just that it took me a while to realize that when that was the purpose of my invitation to get tother, the courteous thing to do, the proper business etiquette, was to be upfront about the fact that I wanted to pitch my ideas or business proposition.

Writing for MYOB Blog The Pulse

Our business has been a customer of accounting and payroll software providers MYOB since way back in the 90s, when they had just got started. And now I’m writing for the MYOB blog The Pulse. The blog is about “news, views and ideas for your business” and aims to provide content, news and articles that […]

Rapid Video Blogging

Does Your Blog Need Video? More and more people are incorporating video in their blogs. Many others have no doubt thought about it but are not sure how to go about it or what is involved, technically, financially or in time commitment. Video Marketing Expert Gideon Shalwick has done the hard yards and has now […]

Top Site of the Week: Solo Business Marketing

This week’s top site is Solo Business Marketing, subtitled “Where Entrepreneurs and Success Connect”,¬† and is the work of my good friend and colleague and one of my favorite home based business owners, the ever enthusiastic¬† Shirley George Frazier. Since 1990, Shirley has been amazingly successful at starting and growing her business, gaining print and […]