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Social Media Ignorance Not an Option for Business

A blog post a few days ago by the very savvy “Community Guy” Jake McKee, Why is a lack of knowledge cool? struck a chord with me.  Jake was commenting on the fact that in an otherwise quite interesting set of comments about social media and specifically Twitter, US Secretary of State Clinton made a […]

Pitch Engine Social Media Release Works for Small Business Too

The social media release service provided by Pitch Engine empowers small businesses, as well as large, to be more effective in their online marketing.* Although the term “social media release” has wide currency, I don’t know of any one, generally accepted definition or simple explanation. My adaptation of an explanation by social media template author […]

My New Self-Designed Business Card

I need a new business card and I’m thinking through what I need to have on it and what the basic look will be. My existing one is a 2007 quick adaptation I did online of a professionally designed card which was originally done about four years ago. The old card is pictured here. With […]