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A Tribute to Entrepreneurial, Currently Poor Women

This post is a tribute to the many entrepreneurial poor women around the world who, individually or collectively, are working to create and nurture business opportunities to alleviate the challenges of poverty and improve their lives and those of their families. One way many of them are doing that is through being able to access […]

How Can Rural Communities Be Expected to Compete, on Dialup?

This post is about a cause and a campaign, which is aimed at engaging the attention of high level influencers, decision-makers, legislators and generally the movers of the levers, to the urgent need for rural communities in America to have access to high speed Internet, and moving those influencers, decision-makers etc to practical action. I […]

Relationships First, then Business

The SOBCon “Blog It, Earn It” Discount This blog displays proudly the SOB (Successful and Outstanding Bloggers) badge. SOBCon is the annual “Biz School for Bloggers” to be held once again in Chicago, May 1-3. What has always impressed me about SOBCon is the complete focus on helping participants develop viable business plans. It is […]

More on Branding and Communicating What We Do

In my post two days ago, about the speed of change and how my business specifically has changed in its shape and focus, I promised to share a recent experience of a friend’s comment which shocked me and made me think more about how well or otherwise I convey to others a sense and understanding […]

The Speed of Change and Our Business Planning

A few experiences in the last couple of days, requiring me to check back on past events, respectively some ten and five years ago, were forceful reminders of how much the shape and focus of my business have changed and how quickly. Specifically… Ten years ago my business focus was on being a communications consultant. […]