Archives for February 2009

Getting Value for Your Marketing Dollar

One of the themes I’m picking up in business publications is that the recession that is here for some and coming for others is a time when some businesses will build capabilities and strengths that will enable them to flourish when we are through the trough. For example with expenditure on marketing. How many of […]

Brisbane Breakfast Gathering to Focus on Social Media

I have a feeling that the Interactive Minds breakfast gathering next week in Brisbane, Australia will be one of those events you’ll either be glad to have attended or told you missed something special. And that’s not just because I’m one of the speakers :). Interactive Minds has been established to provide to bring together […]

Twitter and Home Based Business

I have to admit that at any given moment I don’t know whether to be highly impressed or highly amused by the way Twitter, which allows you to share messages with a 140 character limit, has taken the social media world by storm. Maybe a bit of both. It mightn’t be – no, isn’t – […]

Bushfire Tragedy for Small Towns and Rural Communities

This is a very sad time in my beloved country, Australia, when so many small town and rural communities in the State of Victoria have suffered such devastating loss from unprecedented bushfires, with a death toll estimated at over 200 and whole towns wiped out. Australians know how quickly and ferociously these fires can move, […]

How Blogging Can Help Rural and Small Town Business

Can blogging work for local businesses in small town and rural communities? I ask the question rhetorically, because I believe it can. And I ask it because the other day a man at a checkout told me he and his colleagues were about to lose their jobs and did not know what the future held. […]