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If You Want to Plug Your Product in a Comment, be Honest

I don’t have a fundamental problem with someone mentioning their own product or company in a comment here. If you think your product is the best thing since sliced bread and there is a reasonable connection to the topic covered in the post, why not? if you don’t believe in your product, who will? What […]

If I Unsubscribe from Your List Will You Ever Talk to Me Again?

What’s the etiquette of unsubscribing from a friend or colleague’s list? I have a *lot* of email addresses, some of them belonging more to earlier stages of my business activities but no longer really fitting in with what I do now. I’d like to close some of them off, especially the ones that have become […]

Unique Blog Designs’ 1-Year Anniversary: Prizes to be Won

If there had been a prize for friendliness last year at BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas, I for one would have found it very difficult to choose a winner, as there was a pervasive atmosphere of friendliness among the exhibitors. I’ve attended and exhibited in enough trade shows to be able to […]

Business and Branding #4: Online Reputation Management

n the third post in this series on business and branding I shared some thoughts about the concept of “Brand You”. An important part of the process of building your “Brand You” is taking steps to protect the brand and its reputation. When it comes to talking about the importance of protecting our reputation, I […]

Free Lessons to Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Free Video Lessons from the Queen of Stumble Caroline Middlebrook. I recently bought Caroline’s new Stumble Rush course. I have had the job of completing the course in my to do list every day for a week. I was going to spend one hour each day implementing this. So have you ever bought a new […]