Making Money With Blogs – Mediasphere Panel Today

A recent discussion about making money with blogs was the inspiration for a few people to get together for some kind of teleconference or webinar to share some ideas and have a live discussion.

Jim Turner, host of the popular Mediasphere show on BlogTalk Radio, volunteered a session of the show for the purpose. We were able to get Jeremy Wright, President of b5media, and also Easton Ellsworth of KnowMoreMedia. Both b5media and KnowMoreMedia provide blogging and income-earning opportunities for bloggers. As does Jim Turner through his Bloggers For Hire .

I’ll also be on the call, which is being billed as “The ABCs of Making Money Blogging

The blurb is:

We’ll be talking about how you can make money blogging. You may be a professional blogger, you might be a blogger working for a corporation, or you might just be your own boss and your blog is making money through advertising.

If you have listened to episodes of Mediasphere you’ll know that the style is open and conversational. You can phone in and contribute. Last time I checked, Jim had at least six lines available for the purpose.

It’s on in only a few hours from now, on Tuesday February 12, at 12.30pm PST. If you miss the call, you will be able to listen later – but those who listen live will be able to call in and add their two cents’ worth, disagree, debate, etc.

Here is the link again, with all the info, web link and call-in number.

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  1. Sadly I missed the panel – but I’d like to commend Richard for plugging James Brausch – otherwise I’d have missed him too!

  2. Todd,

    I highly agree with you. I have tested several and sought out information on blogging platforms etc. There is nothing better than wordpress. I use it myself and I love it. Easy to learn, use and so many features.

  3. If you are going to start blogging then I highly recommend using a wordpress blog. Not the one hosted at but downloading the actual wordpress software from them which is free and run it off your own domain. There are a ton of free themes and plugins for it also.

  4. Janet Butler says:

    Hey, nice to meet some other followers of James Brausch here. He has really inspired me too. He does really push the idea of having your own blog as the beginning of making money online.

  5. While I do like to read ebooks, articles, posts and such on subjects that I feel will help me out I learn easier from doing than from just learning and that is exactly why I have joined James Brausch’s intern program. I follow his blog and there are not many blogs I follow. I only follow those I feel will benefit me in some way and James blog benefits me.

  6. Richard McLauglin says:

    A lot of people use a blog as their primary site. You don’t have to be a great blogger to have a blog that generates your salary. James Brausch has a blog (dare I plug it: and the reason behind the blog is selling his products that are on other site. He has his Freedom Business System a couple tools like Rafof Nemeas and Artemis (spelled at least close to that) and he sells these tools through his blog.

    Hey, remember your love on valentines day. I nearly forgot!