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Web Site for Those Who are Sick of Going Solo

A lot of people in home based business are, in terms of their business structure, “going solo”. This post is not about that. There is another sense of going solo. That of people who live alone and don’t have a group of people ready to drop what they are doing and go out for various […]

It’s Irish Blog Awards Time Again

Shortlists have been determined for the 2008 Irish Blog Awards. Announcements are at a function at the Alexander Hotel, Dublin, on March 1st. Categories Illustrating something of the diversity of the blogosphere, in terms of categories of blogs, from photo blogs to news blogs, and types of blog posts, there are twenty one categories in […]

Bizzuka’s New Web Resource Site

My friend Paul Chaney, a highly respected blogger, is Internet Marketing Director at the Lafayette, Louisiana based firm with the intriguingly memorable name, Bizzuka. This week, Paul drew my attention to a press release about the company’s new site, Bizzuka Partners. Bizzuka provides custom Web site design and content management services and intranet development services […]

Competitors or Choices?

As a small business – indeed home based – provider of coaching and social media consulting services, I doubt I’m unique in feeling sometimes that I am at a disadvantage in competing against bigger companies, with more people, deeper pockets, big brands, often with “incumbency rights” with clients I would like to have. So today, […]

WordPress Terminology Explained

If you’re a techie, the meaning of various words, or terms, employed by WordPress will probably be quite evident to you. If however you are, like me, not a techie and especially if you are fairly new to WordPress, you may well have experienced some bafflement with terms such as “The Loop”, “.htaccess” and “Codex”. […]