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Win the Services of a Virtual Assistant to Help Lift Your Business Game

Drawing up my wish list for 2008, I thought An Extra Pair of Hands would be a good thing. Or, come to think of it, a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant, as the title implies, is one who is not physically present at your place of work, but uses communications technology to provide a range […]

Define What Home Based Business Success Means for You

Wendy Piersall has provided an ideal checklist for any home based business owner who is thinking about how to make 2008 a bumper year for their business. Top Ten Key Success Ingredients for a Home Based Business is both profound and practical, evidence of Wendy’s own experience in building businesses. In the preamble, she touches […]

Twelve Days of Productivity the PDA Pro Sent to Me…

At this time of year I doubt I’m alone in experiencing some mental discomfort about the Things Not Done and the Things That Could Have Been Done Better. I guess that’s what New Year resolutions are about. But it will be the same Des (or insert name of other person currently berating him/herself) endeavoring to […]

Diving In – My Debut Video on Seesmic

Anyone who uses Twitter and follows Loïc Le Meur there will know about his Seesmic video streaming product. It’s currently in a closed beta. For me, the clearest simple explanation of what Seesmic is or does, is that it is like Twitter on video. In this video (via William Smith), Loïc introduces Seesmic and provides […]

The Week Jeremiah Rocked Twitter

The big stir of the week for me and many other social media tragics was when Jeremiah Owyang created a flurry, no, a storm of activity on Twitter, with his post Some Conversations have shifted to Twitter. Twitter is becoming a major communication tool for me lately. There are more intimate conversations being held on […]