Archives for October 2007

With Double Digit Growth, Do Any Professionals in China Work From Home?

A couple of days into my recent trip to China, I realised I was making no progress trying to explain the point of this blog’s name, Thinking Home Business. I spoke about this with an Australian expat friend, someone who has lived in China for several years. I wondered whether the concept of professionals working […]

Standing on the Great Wall

I came to Beijing this week to talk about blogging at ad:tech Beijing. That in itself was a totally fascinating experience – being at the conference, that is, not necessarily my talking about blogging :). But with so much to see – and getting internet access as continually as I’m used to being a challenge […]

BlogWorld Expo the Place to Be in November

It’s not just because I’ve never been to Las Vegas, but that is something I’m looking forward to. And it’s not just that BlogWorld & New Media Expo is featuring an exciting array of speakers across a range of topics – blogging, podcasting, videoblogging, social networking, search engine optimization. That too. But a big attraction […]

Blog Posts Help Speed Book Update

If you are on a few “blog guru” mailing lists you will have seen promotions for courses on how to use your blog to create a book. Today I used that thinking to save myself some unnecessary extra work and help me meet a deadline. Not that I created a book out of a blog. […]

Is Automatic Translation for Business Blogs Useful?

I seem to be noticing more and more blogs with a little array of different national flags, clickable to transform the text of a blog instantly into a language of choice. And I know from stats reports that visitors to this site are by no means all from English-speaking countries. So while I imagine a […]