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Australian Blogging Conference a Success

I had a full-on and very rewarding experience on Friday 28th, participating with around a hundred others in the Australian Blogging Conference in Brisbane, at the Queensland University of Technology campus. The schedule covered a range of topics, from blogging and politics, through legal issues to business blogging and the future of blogging. It’s a […]

This Time the Whole World is Watching Burma, Thanks to Web 2.0

Yesterday I was dismayed to see so little media or blogosphere coverage of the crisis in Burma. Today my impression is that there is more mainstream media coverage starting to happen. It’s different this time around. Not a repeat of 1988, when 3,000 people were killed out of sight of the rest of the world, […]

Burma on My Mind

Normally, on this blog, I refrain from any political posts. Today is different. Today, not too far to the north of where I live, men with guns are terrorizing unarmed citizens and monks, who are peacefully defying the terror. I’ve been looking around the web/blogosphere this morning. Not much sign of outrage or anxiety. Items […]

Government Consultation Blog Discussion Paper

As a blogging evangelist and former public servant and later a consultant to governments, I was more than interested to receive yesterday an email alerting me to the publication by the Australian Government of a discussion paper about a proposed government blog. The Australian Government Consultation Blog Discussion Paper is, as the name implies, an […]

How To Test Working From Home and Still Keep Your Job

Over at eMoms at Home, Dawud Miracle, in his post Why More People Should Be Working From Home And How You Can, celebrates the fact that for the past ten years he has not had to commute to work. He goes on to promote the concept of working from home and provides some practical suggestions […]