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How to Apply the GTD System to Blogging

My friend and colleague Bill Vick is very keen on David Allen’s contemporary classic on business/life hacks, Getting Things Done, or to use the full title, “Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity”, also known by the acronym GTD. Some time ago I purchased the book and made a start on applying the system, […]

Is it Adieu Blog Business Summit, or Just Au Revoir?

A few days ago I wrote not one, but two posts about the Blog Business Summit scheduled for Chicago in September. One post was on this blog and the other was on the Business and Blogging site. So, rightly or wrongly, I felt a bit of a goose today when I got the email today […]

Blog Business Summit, Chicago, September 17-19

For anyone interested in how business blogging has evolved in the past two or three years, it’s an interesting exercise to look at the programs for the Blog Business Summit events, from the first summit, in Seattle, January 2005, to the upcoming Chicago event, September 17-19 this year. (NOTE: the September event in Chicago has […]

Publicity Opportunity for Work from Home Business Owners

Chuck Huckaby at The Work at Home Business Opportunities Weblog is offering work from home business owners a chance to leverage off the weblog’s popularity. In his post Submit Your Work at Home Business Profile, blogger Chuck is offering submitters “fifteen minutes of fame” and a link back to their own sites. But note the […]

Skype Not Perfect but a Great Tool for the Work From Home Brigade

I’m a great fan of Skype, especially for those of us in the work from home brigade. I also recognize that Skype is not always totally reliable. Skype’s 30 hour outage last weekend was a real bore for me, as it was presumably for millions of other users around the world. It reminded me how […]