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2000 Bloggers Seems to Have Helped My Technorati Ranking

At one level, joining Tino Buntic’s 2000 Bloggers pictorial parade was a bit of fun, as I wrote here. Also, I partially rationalised the time I spent on it by wanting to test a suggestion I read somewhere, on Tino’s site maybe? that participating could help my Technorati ranking by increasing traffic, multiplying links. Traffic […]

For Gutsy Blogger Glenda, Cerebral Palsy is a Challenge, Not a Sentence

Glenda Watson Hyatt is an author, a blogger and a podcaster. By the way, she also has cerebral palsy. When Glenda was born, her disabilities were severe enough that her parents were advised to institutionalize her. They didn’t. And the redhead proved the experts wrong. I’ve been a friend and admirer¬†friend of Glenda’s since we […]

Want to Talk About LinkedIn?

John Jantsch, blogger extraordinaire, has kicked off a discussion about LinkedIn the social network service. He has invited readers to contribute their thoughts on LinkedIn and suggests that comments cover: How you use it for business Success stories about connections made Horror stories about wasting time There is a good lineup of people who either actively […]

2000 Bloggers Project Good Fun

This has got to be one of the all-time “why didn’t I think of that” ideas put into action. Tino Buntic decided to link to a whole lot of bloggers, 2000 in all, with pictures, from Donald Trump (yes, the Donald has a blog)¬†to Jeremiah Owyang, to, well, me. How I get to be there […]

Australian Blogging Conference 2007 is Definitely Happening

Just over a month ago I posted here about the Australian Blogging Conference being planned by Peter Black of Queensland University of Technology, for March 8 this year, in Brisbane. Peter’s announcement at the time was expressly tentative. According to his post on January 19 the conference is now definitely on. Update Feb 2, 2007: […]