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I don’t generally recommend that people use for a business site and my reasons are pretty well covered by Andy Wibbels’ overview post on the Business Blog Consulting blog is not He suggests it would be clearer if the WordPress you get from were called WordPress Lite.

And in a post on this blog earlier this year about  the lack of domain mapping with I indicated that, for the time being at least, I would not be recommending to people,. But lately I’ve found myself breaking or at least bending my own rule. That’s when someone is not ready to go with a paid, hosted service such as BlogHarbor, which is the platform for this blog, or doesn’t feel they can tackle anything that requires even a modicum of attention to technical issues, such as installing WordPress from

That situation arose again today and I put together a few points on setting up with, as follows:

Just to remind – the site is

What you are looking for when you get there is text on the front page which says ‘get a free account etc’ – click on that link.

Here’s a 3 step setup from blogging expert, Shai Coggins.

Lorelle has a great WordPress guidance type blog –

And here’s a useful recent comment by Lorelle – Who Cares About

One of the top bloggers in the world, Robert Scoble – works for Microsoft – has his blog on

Although you can’t yet have your own domain name on – I’m sure it will come eventually, for a modest price.

If anyone has a link to other resources that might help other non-technical newbies negotiate a setup, please feel free to leave a comment here.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    On a quick run through the LinkedIn Bloggers database of blogs, I counted seven blogs on, out of 211 blogs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Makes me wonder what we have in the “platform” column in the LinkedinBloggers Member Blog Directory database.