Archives for April 2006

Blogrolls, Social Networks and Business

I’ve been thinking lately about blogrolls – collection of links to other blogs – which go by various titles – ‘favourites’, ‘blogs I like’, etc – according to the preferences of particular bloggers. There is a Wikipedia explanation of the term blogroll, which includes an amusing comment on the difference between the American and English explanations […]

Calling All Recruiters Looking for Success Clues

If as they say ‘success leaves clues’, I have a hunch lots of people in the recruiting and staffing industries will be making sure they are plugged in to my colleague Bill Vick’s new XtremeRecruiting podcasting blog site. Whether they choose to visit regularly, or collect the RSS link, they will surely not want to […]

Calling Small Business Women for Technology Survey with Prizes!

Leah McLean has a goal. She wants 1,000 small business women around the world to respond to her survey on Women and Technology. Leah McLean has lots of talents. As well as being a leader in the coaching world, Leah is one of those people who not only understands technology but can explain it to the […]

De-mystifying Money Talk

One of the practical realities, and hidden traps, for someone moving from a salaried position into being a home based, self- managing professional is that suddenly there┬ácan be a whole lot of new money matters to take care of – especially about investment – and, unless you are a finance professional, probably a lot of […]

Get Quality Information on Business Blogging

Finding useful information and opinion on developments in business blogging can be a challenge. As I’ve posted elsewhere today, see How to Keep Up With News and Ideas on Business Blogging, the Business Blog Consulting blog is an excellent place to start – and return to. I am one of the contributors, but it’s excellent […]