A Gmail Address with a Fake Name Won’t Cut it for Guest Posting

(This is a temporary “Claim Code” entry for Technorati to verify my claim on ownership of this blog: 6MFG8NXDDUV2 – it will be removed once the blog has been verified.) It seems like every other day I get an offer from someone to provide guest posts on this site. Sometimes that turns out well, as […]

More Free Images for Your Blog Posts with Flickr and Creative Commons

Flickr as a source of free images This post is a follow up on a post last week about finding free images to use for blog posts and presentations, where I focused on using Wordle images. This post is about using images from the photo sharing siteĀ Flickr. Now if you’ve used Flickr you might think […]

Why Would I Smile If You Called Me an SOB?

I never thought the day would come when someone would call me an SOB and I would smile with delight. At least, not until I made the acquaintance of web strategist, brand builder and corporate trainer extraordinaire, Liz Strauss. Liz, who has a great skill in creative business thinking, had taken the commonly objectionable term […]

Topic Ideas for a Business Blogging Book

If I wrote a new book on business blogging, what would be a good list of topics? It seems to me that with blogging, as with anything you’ve been doing for a sufficient length of time, it’s easy to fall into the way of thinking that some things are quite obvious, even though they weren’t […]

Comment Spammers Have Turned “Nice Post” into a Spam Alert

One of the things that I dislike most about comment spammers is that they take otherwise useful or pleasing phrases and make them part of their spam comments. For instance, “Nice post.” It’s not that I don’t like friendly, complimentary comments. It’s just that, more often than not, that phrase at the beginning of a […]