Comment Spammers Have Turned “Nice Post” into a Spam Alert

\Nice Post!\

One of the things that I dislike most about comment spammers is that they take otherwise useful or pleasing phrases and make them part of their spam comments. For instance, “Nice post.”

It’s not that I don’t like friendly, complimentary comments. It’s just that, more often than not, that phrase at the beginning of a comment is followed by gibberish. Although at a quick glance the gibberish can sometimes look like a rational, relevant comment.

My assumption is that the “comments” are created by a bot, and the reason the “comment” looks on a quick glance to be relevant is that it repeats words or phrases from the post being commented on. Take the following, for instance, a comment on a post I wrote about how rural communities are being short-changed in the broadband department:

Nice post but with the passage of time many opportunities has been provided in the rural areas as i think government should have in try to solve this problem.Well nice thought

My first reaction was that this was from a non-native speaker of English and was probably ok enough to let through. Then I read it properly and realized it was one of those sneaky spam comments that masquerade as a real, relevant comment.

A bit more coherent than the one which followed:

Thanks for the informations.There are so many networking things out here.My head goes spinning on….

Good for a laugh the first few times, perhaps. But boring and annoying after a while.

Someone once queried my mistrusting the comment “Good post”.

All I can say is, blame the spammers.

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  1. I, too, hate the impersonal nature of just putting “nice post” on someone’s blog. The blogger took the time to write something meaningful for us to read, so why can’t we all take the time to write a comment that really means something? Make a contribution for a change! I am truly enjoying your posts, and can’t wait to read more. I enjoy the human-to-human nature of posting on a blog. You see more of the person behind the screen than you do on twitter and the like. Spamming is an unconscionable, but necessary, evil in our online business ventures.

  2. your absolutely right. however, everyone is in it for one common goal. so should you really be surprised:)

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  3. Hi Des; been awhile since I’ve commented, but you’ve given me something to say on this one.

    I’m of the opinion that even back in the earlier days when it was an actual person dropping that line that it was a major league waste of time. Think about it; you spend however long in writing something of substance to only get that brief “nice post” comment; ugh! I don’t mind when I just drop a video on there that I want to share with folks, but if I’ve spent time researching something then writing about it, or have written one of my famous 2,000 word missives, I’m hoping for a little more than “nice post” whenever I’d written that beast.

    Of course, the spam is getting better at tricking people every day; they’re just not smart enough yet not to post the same comment on three or four posts of that same blogger. lol

    Mitchs last blog post..Top Three Do’s And Don’ts

  4. Ryan
    I think they usually link back to some anonymous advertising site. Otherwise, I suppose there are people who don’t have anything useful to do in their lives. 🙂

  5. I think I have a few of those sneaky spam comments on my own blog. What’s the idea of them? For people to look up the commenter’s website? Unlikely when the comment doesn’t say anything substantive. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel, but hey, that’s the essence of spam!

    Ryans last blog post..LearnX Asia Pacific 2009 – Day 2

  6. Thanks Julieanne Yes, I made it and it was very easy: with free service

  7. Julieanne van Zyl says:

    Love the cartoon Des. Did you draw it?


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