Give Your Blog A Polish and Trim

Does Your Blog Need Some Love?

Liz Strauss at Successful-Blog is having a Blog Show this weekend It will be like a Car (Auto) Show.

Does your blog need a tune-up?

As Liz suggests, give it a polish and a trim.

Maybe unload some of those widgets? I won’t suggest a new theme unless you are feeling very adventurous.

Maybe there is something you have been putting off doing that will improve your blog?

Liz is is going to line them up and look them over. This is a great free promotion too.

Here’s what you do.

Write up the following information:
Blog Title
Blog URL link:
Blog Tagline
A sentence or two about what makes your blog worth visiting.

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  1. I feel we all need a “polish and trim” from time to time. I know my best polish was when I started including Glyphius along with my Adwords account. It made a tremendous difference, completely fine tuned.

  2. Just did a redesign and switched platforms, I love my new blog and it loves me.

    home business blogs last blog post..Talk to a real person: Is that what we need?

  3. Laura Licata says:

    What a great idea! I’m sorry to have missed this.

    This is a great blog by the way!

  4. @ Liz I think it will be fun- you are amazing and have me thinking

    @Jen Yes Liz is great. I good blog to subscribe to

    @peanutbuttertoes- well your name gave me a laugh. I hope you get feed back you need.

  5. thanks for letting us know about this. I am always changing my blog and tweaking its sidebar content/how it is arranged, it would be great for once to maybe get feed back on it.

  6. I’ve just built up to the courage to blog and hope Liz puts on this contest again next year. By then, I’ll be ready to participate. Thanks for this information.

    Jen Thomas
    Muvar Software

  7. Exactly. We’re going to show off!

    Liz Strausss last blog post..Connecting with Customers: The Mack Collier Second Encore


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