Sunday Markets: Going Bananas

I love our regular Sunday morning visit to one or more of the local farmers’ markets. Not just for the wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables, direct from the grower, but for the friendly chat with stall holders, the passing parade of locals in their weekend casual (i.e. daggy) clothes. And for the way the farmers help us to part with our money for the fruit, literally, of their labors.

I get special enjoyment – and education – from the signs.

Crystal Creek banana stall

What fascinates me is how basic, even crude some of the signs are. Not what a professional sign maker would provide, surely. But coming from a long line of farmers I know better than to accept the simplicity of what you see as indicating any lack of smarts.

Like the one above, which I photographed this morning at the regular stall of the man from nearby Crystal Creek, who from speaking with him I know is very smart and has a good sense of humor (he let slip one day he had been captain of his quite prestigious high school).

Observing what good business this guy does, week after week, I’m sure he could afford a beautiful, professionally made sign.

But then mightn’t we subconsciously or consciously wonder whether his bananas were really direct from the local farm, or trucked in from elsewhere? And whether we might get a better price at one of the stalls with signs less swish?

The sign from our man from Crystal Creek speaks to localness, freshness. In advertisingspeak, it is authentic.

I’ve got nothing against fancy signage, beautifully designed stationery and state-of-the-art websites.

But sometimes simple, “hand-drawn” can be very smart business.

Do you have an example of a sign or other visual representation which is “hand-made” but effective? Please leave a link.

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  1. farmers market are very common in my place here in kerala.the only difference is that its on every thursday and saturday..the concept helps the local farmers to get rid of the manipulation by middlemen in their business.and the stalls are very simple.we cant see any sign boards like the one in the picture

  2. there is a farmers market right behind my APT in LA…

    its great to visit, and always has alot going on in there

  3. Scott

    Your comment reminds me of the story of my paternal grandfather Thomas Murphy, teacher at the local one-teacher school in the little town of Tumbarumba (Australia). It seems my grandfather was in town one day and happened to see, passing by Mr Henneckie’s general store, a hand-written sign, “Pertaters, 2d a pound”. Stepping into the store he spoke to Mr Henneckie and said “Mr Henneckie, I don’t want to embarrass you, but I thought I should tell you that the sign outside has an incorrect spelling.” “Thank you Mr Murphy,” said the storekeeper. “I am aware of that. But you’d be surprised to know how many people come in here to tell me that and don’t leave without buying something.” I posted this story originally on the now”retired” Business and Blogging site when I blogged for b5media – I see it’s now on their Buzznetworker site.

  4. Hi Des,

    Your photograph and post reminds me of an Internet Marketer that was selling his ‘how-to’ course on a web page that consisted entirely of child-like crayon letters as the copy.

    Apparently the site was pulling in big money and his point was “If I can make money with this site, imagine what I can teach you to do with a ‘real’ site.” Very effective, and goes to the point that the ‘slickest’ sites are not always the highest converting.

    .-= Top GBG Distributor´s last blog ..GBG Home Business Training: Building a Large, Stable Downline – A Simple Success Philosophy =-.

  5. Hi,
    yah sure i can provide you give me some time !! bec i had a good collection


  6. Shirley
    I look forward to seeing some signs from the New York/New Jersey area.
    That reminds me. I’m pretty sure it was in New York City that I first saw a sign that said “Don’t Even Think of Parking Here!” which I found tremendously amusing – and focusing.

  7. Shirley George Frazier says:


    Your post has reminded me to take time from my schedule to visit the farmers’ markets that set up in communities around my area.

    I usually buy my fruit from a market that doesn’t have colorful signs as you’re treated to each time to visit markets in your area, but perhaps the other markets, the ones that set up on specific days of the week, will have such signage.

    If they do, I’ll be sure to share a link to show you how it’s done in the New York/New Jersey region.

    Meanwhile, I the sign you photographed is a great draw, for sure.
    .-= Shirley George Frazier´s last blog ..The Quick and Easy Way to Market with Video =-.


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