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Some Favorite Bloggers

The list is totally subjective and a work in progress. Suggestions for inclusion welcome.

Alister Cameron says: “I’m passionate about blogging! I build blogs, I optimize and market blogs, I coach bloggers, and in the gaps I blog about blogging.” Alister has lots of knowledge and strongly expressed opinions. Never dull.

Andy Wibbels, fellow coach and author of Blogwild!A Guide for Small Business Blogging, has helped hundreds of businesses all over the world get started blogging, increase traffic and make money online. Andy was one of my first blogging mentors and is a truly generous spirit. He wrote the foreword to my first blogging book, 7 Step Business Blog.

Bill Vick, my friend and colleague from Dallas, Texas, is a headhunter and a mine of information on technology and social networking in the business context. Bill and I have now co-authored two audiobooks, LinkedIn for Recruiting and Big Biller – secrets of success of the topline recruiters.

Chris Gilbey and Richard McKinnon at Perceptric Forum – technology, international politics, the state of the world’s economy…

Christine Parfitt writes about paid and organic search with a particular focus on what is happening in Australia.

Dane Carlson has been producing the now very highly-ranked Business
Opportunities Weblog
since 2001. The Business Opportunities Weblog is a moderated list of legitimate business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Dane is very committed to listing only worthwhile opportunities.

Dave Mendoza a.k.a. “El Dave”, is a recruiting, networking dynamo and
on his Six Degrees from Dave he shares loads of information and insight into the mysteries of online networking and recruiting.

Dean Hua is the Founder and Chief Web Evangelist of Sachi Studio, who do web design and marketing strategies but prefer to say what they do is help their clients save and make money. Dean is a rigorous thinker (as I know from several virtual discussions) and a superb networker, based in Maryland and with friends around the globe.

Dennis McDonald writes about Managing and Living with Technology. Dennis is a another well-informed and rigorous thinker, with a great gift for explaining technology within the broader framework of how society and business work. Dennis is a co-moderator with me of the LinkedIn Bloggers group.

Duncan Riley is a writer, developer, speaker and blogging evangelist. Founder of Blog Herald and a co-founder of b5media network, he works now as a freelance developer and writer, including writing for TechCrunch.

Fred Schebesta is an award-winning online marketer and founding Director of Freestyle Media.

Leah MacLean is a business-technology integrator. She has a passion for working with small business women and helping them to demystify technology and find ways to grow their business, online and off line.

Luis Suarez is a Knowledge Management expert and enthusiast, works for IBM Global Business Services and is a dedicated blogger and networker. He has visited and lived in various European countries, Canada, the US and Mexico. Luis’ ELSUA blog has lots of informative and thought-provoking posts on knowledge management and related topics.

Martin Neumann is a savvy and prolific blogger who writes extremely well and is an evangelist for small business in Australia – especially the web-savvy small office entrepreneur.

Mary Emma Allen’s blog is a great resource for any home based business person and for anyone thinking about setting up a business from home.

Meg Tsiamis’ blog Dipping into the Blogpond is about blogging in Australia and reflects Meg’s wide range of interests, which include the Australian internet community, websites, startups, web 2.0, blogging, small business and social media.

Noric Dilanchian is a long-standing friend and colleague who is a lawyer with a difference. His firm Dilanchian Lawyers integrates legal, business and technology strategy. Noric is thoroughly at home in the digital space and his Lightbulb IP blog is one of the most-visited Australian blogs.

Priscilla Palmer is a life coach, specializing in personal development. Her Personal Development List of blogs and bloggers has been taken up and reproduced on many blogs.

Rajesh Shetty is an entrepreneur, investor, executive and very thoughtful blogger at his Life Beyond Code. Always a good read.

Robyn Tippins is a marketing/PR consultant, blogger, speaker, and podcaster. Robyn is Community Manager at MyBlogLog and a mother of four and also makes time somehow to help as a co-moderator at LinkedIn Bloggers.

Sarah Lewis is passionate about blogging and her Blogging Expertise business is devoted to helping people get the most out of blogging, whether as individuals or representing other small businesses. Sarah is also a co-moderator at LinkedIn Bloggers.

Shai Coggins is one of the co-owners and Vice President (Community) of the global new media network, She’s also a writer, artist, published author, professional blogger, podcaster, online instructor, consultant, publisher, wife, and mum with a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology. And a really nice person.

Snøskred lives “in the country”, as we say in Australia (i.e outside the big cities) and on her Life in the Country blog covers a variety of topics. As she says “You never know what Snoskred will write about next, so securely fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.” “

Steve Simpson of Inspiring Cultures is an expert on organizational and team culture and creator of the UGRs(R) – Unwritten Ground Rules – concept, a terrific tool for understanding and boosting corporate cultures. His blog

Toby Bloomberg’s Diva Marketing Blog focuses on marketing blogs and corporate social media. As well as being a very stylish and effective blogger and marketer, Toby is a truly generous spirit.

Wendy Piersall provides a continuing stream of advice, encouragement and support on starting, running and succeeding in home business and blogging.

Yaro Starak has been very successful in estblishing and sustaining an online income and has plenty of tips for those who would like to emulate his success.

Some Lists


b5media is a network of blogs on a wide range of topics, including various aspects of business in the Business Channel, where Des founded the Business and Blogging site.

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