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Some history and statistics

  • Thinking Home Business was launched in August 2004
  • The site attracts a wide variety of readers – people who work from home, people interested in work at home business opportunities and ideas, business blogging, social media and social business generally. There are coaches, business owners, bloggers, recruiters…
  • The editorial policy has been consistently focused from Day 1, on providing helpful (or at least interesting) information and commentary for professionals working from home, from the viewpoint of site owner and main author.
  • The owner Des Walsh writes with authority, drawing on 25 years of owning his own home based business and personally going through all the ups and downs that entails, as well as being a business coach and having internationally acknowledged expertise in social media.
  • Because we are very choosy about who advertises here, you can be confident that your advertisement will be “in good company”  (of course we can’t guarantee that every advertiser will always behave perfectly, but we do our best to maintain a high standard in terms of what we accept for display)>

Advertising Options

125×125 Sidebar Banners $50 per month USD
Sidebar banner spots are available for sponsorship. Limited to a maximum width of 125×125. Animation is okay, no flash

468 x 60 Top Level  banner spots are available for sponsorship. Limited to a maximum width of 468 x 60 . These will be rotating 4  spots available  $80 per month $USD , The 468×60 ad appears on the top of every page, next to the blog title. The banner can not be bigger than 15K in size. No Flash

Text Ad Links $35 per month USD

Payments & Further Information

Currently we take payments via Paypal. If you’d like to place an ad or would like any further information then please contact us. To save time, please include the following information:

  • The product or service that you want to advertise and a web site where we can see what is on offer – it must be relevant to this site’s purpose and focus
  • How long you’d like to advertise for
  • A link to the image to use for the ad or the words for the textlink.

Additional Service to Advertisers: Notices, Recommendations and Reviews

From  time to time we are asked about incorporating blog posts which are notices, recommendations or reviews of products and services from companies advertising on or sponsoring the Thinking Home Business site. We consider those, and the price, on a case by case basis and reserve the right to refuse specific requests.

To assist you in considering proposals for such posts, we have drawn up the following guidelines (note, these are subject to change at any time, as we gain more experience with this process and as circumstances demand).

Terminology: we use the terms “notice”, “recommendation” and “review” as they are used in newspapers and magazines in relation to books, movies, restaurants and so on:

  • “notice” provides information but without explicitly recommending the product or service
  • “recommendation” we favor it and say so
  • “review” is a more extended treatment and may include some reservations or point to limitations or negative aspects, as well as positive observations (note – this can be much more persuasive, as it is transparent, than a standard “advertorial” but is not for the faint-hearted: not that it has not been and is not likely to be our practice to provide predominantly negative reviews of products, services or books)


  1. The Thinking Home Business blog is focused on providing interesting, helpful information and commentary for professionals working from home and those who are considering doing so
  2. We will give consideration to including blog posts from time to time about advertisers’/site sponsors’ products and services which in our sole judgement look as if they could be helpful for professionals working from home or, more generally, home based business owners
  3. As we do not accept advertisements for “get rich quick” products or services, we are unlikely to post about them
  4. We will include simple links to company or product/services sites; we do not do “stealth” or “gotcha” type type blog posts
  5. The blog post has to be useful and/or interesting in its own right, and in keeping with the long-established, somewhat “chatty” style of the blog (please read some of our posts before submitting post concepts or suggested content)
  6. We will consider doing a recorded Skype interview with the owner or other representative of an advertised product or service, to provide a focal point for the blog post – the style of the interview will be in line with the general “help the home based professional” ethos of the blog
  7. If in doubt, ask.
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