Linking Edge Intensive Feb 3-16 2014

Turbo-charge your LinkedIn presence and influence with the 14 day Linking Edge Intensive

OK, so you are on LinkedIn. But are you taking advantage of the power of LinkedIn to help you grow your business?

Most people I speak to about this tell me without hesitation that although they have a LinkedIn account, they are not using it in any strategic sort of way to help their business.

But there are many other people around the world who are using LinkedIn systematically, strategically, and reaping benefits from that. Not always in direct sales: it’s not that kind of platform. It’s a professional network.

Consider some facts

  • 259 million+ members and growing, with 2 new members every second
  • dominated by high-income earners ($75,000 annual salary) and college graduates
  • highest social networking platform usage among 50- to 64-year-olds (read “business executives and decision makers”)

What if you could engage with even a fraction of those 259 million+ professionals? Could that possibly help your business?

Or are you already clear that LinkedIn is a professional network that could really help you, but maybe you would like some guidance on that, some systems to help you leverage your LinkedIn account and do that in a time-efficient way?

The Linking Edge Intensive

I created the Linking Edge Intensive to help people at all points along the spectrum of LinkedIn engagement, from those just starting to use LinkedIn to seasoned users wanting to give an extra turbo charge to their LinkedIn game.

It’s a self-directed, but supported, online program over a period of 14 days. The aim of the program is to¬†turbo-charge our presence, reach, engagement and influence on LinkedIn.

The next Linking Edge Intensive starts on Monday February 3

  • It’s led personally by me
  • Small group means you don’t get lost in the crowd: you get personal support to really move your LinkedIn activity along.
  • There is an ongoing private online group of past and current participants

For more information, including the very special, seriously competitive Early Bird price, plus online registration, click on this link.

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