Home Office Command Centre by Zach Beauvais via Flickr Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0If you’ve set up a home office recently you’ll know it’s really easy to spend thousands of dollars on those old basics, a good chair and desk.

And why not, if money is no object? Especially if you are working full time from home and are going to be spending a lot of time in that chair, at that desk.

I have in the past spent that sort of money on home office furniture. With what I know now, I wish I’d economised on the furniture and put the money I’d saved into marketing and lead generation.

“But”, you may be asking, “what about the ergonomic considerations? Shouldn’t we take all the care we can to create a healthy working environment?”

No question about that. I’m just saying you should not feel you have to spend thousands to cover that aspect of creating a healthy environment.

In fact, from some research I did for an article I wrote a few months ago, Designing an Ergonomic Home Office, I was able to establish to at least my own satisfaction that you could set up a whole, ergonomically sound home office for less than $1,000.

Including an ergonomic chair + desk combination.

So before you head off to buy up big at your local office suppliers, do yourself a favor and consider what’s essential for an ergonomic office chair and desk setup. You’ll find it all spelled out in that article I mentioned above, on designing an ergonomic home office.

Make sure you note the tip there about using a laptop or notebook computer on your desk. Using a simple stand – as I mention in that article, I bought mine for under $50 – will work wonders for your posture, because you actually won’t be able to slouch without affecting your ability to read the screen. Of course you’ll need an external keyboard and mouse, but they will not be budget-breakers.

Image Credit: Home Office, Command Centre, by Zach Beauvais, via Flickr, Creative Commons CC BY-SA

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