Google Plus post - 'Some ghost town'A jibe often directed at the social networking service Google Plus (Google+) is that it’s a virtual ghost town.

When I read that and other dismissive blog posts or stray comments I wonder whether the people making those observations have actually put any time in to using Google+.

Be that as it may, we now have some growth figures, announced by Google, that surely put a dent in the ghost town argument:

  • 400 million users
  • 100 million active users monthly

That’s in just one year from the public launch of the service.

As I observed today in a very short post on Google+, “Some ghost town!”

I admit I went through a period where I basically neglected Google+, but recently I took a good long look at it and decided it was well worth my while getting active on it again. I explained what I found in my post on the MYOB blog The Pulse: Google Plus revisited: a social networking service you should not ignore

Blog post, Google Plus revisited, a social networking service you should not ignore

If you haven’t yet used Google+, can you afford not to check it out as something that may help your business?

And if you already use Google+, I’d love to hear how you are finding it, and whether you feel it is helping you or not.

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