With LinkedIn Updates you need never want for Twitter content

So you’ve been to the networking breakfast and the guest speaker told you that regular, frequent tweets are essential to building your presence on Twitter.

But what to tweet?

For some people, that never seems to be an issue.

For others, it’s a challenge.

If you sometimes feel you have a Twitter content deficit, this post may help you.

But first, have you connected your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts?

If you haven’t added your Twitter account details to your LinkedIn account, go to “Edit My Profile” and click “Add Twitter account” next to the Twitter field. Twitter will ask you to verify your account name and password. Once the account is verified, you’ll be asked how you’d like to share your tweets on LinkedIn.

Or if you have already connected your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, you can just go to Settings and click on “Manage your Twitter settings” (half way down the Settings page).

LinkedIn Twitter settings

Note by the way that I’ve used the second check box option to share on LinkedIn only those tweets that I so specify. That’s my personal (business) choice, in that I don’t think all my tweets belong on LinkedIn: my guess from a lot of updates that have come from Twitter is that some people have left that box unchecked.

Now, for a constant supply of tweetable content, let’s look at LinkedIn Updates

LinkedIn Updates draws on the various updates that people in your LinkedIn network provide, both with conscious attention, as in sharing a link, and by default when they take certain actions without necessarily thinking about sharing, such making a new connection or updating their profile.

Many of those conscious updates can provide you with instant content for Twitter, either by re-tweeting from within LinkedIn, or bu using the Share function.

All LinkedIn members can add to the update stream by:

  • creating an update on their Home page
  • creating an update in the Edit Profile view
  • clicking on Share on someone else’s updates
With each of those you can simultaneously create content for your Twitter account.

A bit more about the LinkedIn Update stream

Because the update stream is drawn from our individual networks, the stream is different for everyone. Each of us can see ours on our Home page on LinkedIn.

The default setting for the update stream on our Home page is All, as in this screenshot of my Updates as I write this.

My LinkedIn Updates with default All

By clicking through the menu bar you can select another option. For example, you can just have Shares showing, which excludes all those notifications of who has connected with whom, so using that option you can screen faster for content you want to share.

From the three updates in the screenshot above, you can see two types of update: the first is a notification of a connection between LinkedIn members – those are triggered automatically; the next two are posts made first to Twitter and then copied to LinkedIn (see the information about Settings above).

The main objective of this post is to show how you can send items the other way, from LinkedIn to Twitter.

And in that regard, you’ll have noted that those update examples above don’t illustrate the Share option for adding an update.

So in this screenshot below, from an update I’ve done today using the Update option with View Profile, an arrow points to the Share option. If someone wants to share that update with their network, they just click on “Share”.

LinkeIn update with arrow pointing to Share option

Et voilá, the update appears at the same time on Twitter – although in abbreviated form within Twitter’s 140 character limit.

LinkedIn update on Twitter

That was easy.

In fact, I did not have to do anything extra beyond providing the LinkedIn update, because  the update editing box has the Twitter share set as default, as indicated in the next screenshot.

Share LinkedIn update with Twitter

I just have to remember to uncheck that box if I don’t want a particular update of mine to copy across to Twitter.

Using LinkedIn updates and linking to Twitter helps also with your LinkedIn presence

One of the many ways people miss out on the potential of LinkedIn to help them grow their business or career is in not realizing that there is a lot more to a successful use of LinkedIn than having just a nicely polished profile there.

Making it a daily habit to provide updates on LinkedIn and sharing them to Twitter can give a real boost to your presence on LinkedIn as well as on Twitter.


In another post or two I’ll explain how to use a couple more LinkedIn features to provide fresh content for your Twitter account – and in the process for your LinkedIn presence too.

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