Blogworld and New Media Expo Los Angeles November 2011Looking just now at the speaker lineup for the next BlogWorld and New Media Expo, to be held in Los Angeles, November 3-5, has made me a bit wistful, as I won’t be attending this one and it looks like being an excellent event.

If you want to get, in one place and in friendly, stimulating company, a practical understanding of the state of not just the blogosphere but new/social media generally, then I recommend you check out the program.

It hardly seems like four years ago this month, but on October 14, 2007  I posted here about my then impending trip to the USA and specifically to the inaugural BlogWorld and New Media Expo , held in Las Vegas, Nov 7-9 that year.

I knew that some of the bloggerati had been skeptical, but I had been optimistic – even a tad boosterish – about the event ever since founder Rick Calvert had announced it.

Happily for Rick, his great team and everyone else who shared his vision, the event has not only grown since then, but this year has replicated itself, with an East Coast event earlier this year and now the West Coast event coming up.

In that blog post back in 2007, I wrote that it was not just the array of speakers and topics that I was looking forward to, but that

…a big attraction for me is that for three days in November I am going to have the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of bloggers across a wide spectrum of interests, from the business bloggers like myself, to military bloggers and political bloggers and maybe knitting bloggers.

Not only was I not disappointed, I was more than delighted with the event, and especially with new friendships forged and existing virtual friendships taking on the extra dimension of being able to hang out with people in real life.  I don’t think I did get to meet any of those military bloggers or knitting bloggers, but I met lots of other people across the new media spectrum.

Several of the friends I made then, or had previously known virtually and was able to connect with for the first time face to face, are speaking this year.

And regarding speakers, one of the great things about BlogWorld is that you do actually get opportunities to chat with many of the speakers, not just in the post session lineup, but in the coffee or lunch areas, at parties and so on. The event from the outset has been one where everyone mingles, seasoned pros with blogging and social media newbies. It is fun, educational and great for stimulating conversation and real networking.  Admittedly it is a couple of years since I’ve been, but going on reports I’ve had of more recent events that spirit and style has continued.

Of course, as with any biggish group of people, you may find a few “superior” types. I did, but they were notable for being the exception (and I was happy to leave them bathing in contemplation of their own superiority). Those few were more than made up for by the plethora of bright, knowledgeable and very friendly speakers who seemed quite happy to mix with, listen to and chat with all comers.

And then there were:

  • the diversity and richness of content in the many presentations, enhanced by the fact that pitching from the podium is not permitted
  • the array of products and services on display and being explained in the Expo part of the event
Plus great parties.
So all in all, there is plenty of information and great networking for people who are already accomplished bloggers, podcasters and other new media types, with a very welcoming atmosphere and plenty of relevant content for people who are just getting started and want to get the inside story on what works, what doesn’t, social media strategies and so on.
And fun.

Just reading back through what I’ve written here, I have to say I am now even more wistful about not being able to make it to for BlogWorld & New Media Expo next month, and thinking I had better get my act together to be there in 2012.

If you have a question about BlogWorld and New Media Expo, please ask: if I don’t know the answer I will do my best to point you in the direction for getting the information you want.

Also, if you have your own story or perception of BlogWorlds past, please share!

Join the top bloggers and new media experts in the world at BlogWorld Expo 2011

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