We’ve had a bit of illness here at Thinking Home Business HQ. Each of us authors in succession.

Some things, such as blogging, have not been kept up as we would wish.

And the local hospital, like our location here at the home office, has lousy roaming internet connectivity. So blogging from there, as patient or visitor, was not really feasible.

But the experience of recent weeks, difficult as it has been, has reminded me once again of one of the many benefits I gained all those years ago when I left the relative security of my “regular” job, well paid as it was and with such great benefits as paid (but scheduled) leave, to chance my arm as a work from home freelance consultant.

When, over a couple of weeks recently, I had to go to the hospital at various times, and now, having to do the occasional bit of extra driving to and fro, I have not had to ask anyone’s permission, I have not have to make arrangements for someone to fill in for me. I did have to ask clients for some flexibility on coaching times and even to change a planned face to face meeting to a Skype conference call: but I have such great clients there was no problem.

And I was able to reorganize my schedule to do catching up on weekends and in what the rest of the world calls “after hours” or “overtime” but what we who work from home just call “when we are working” or some such. Sure we may over-compensate, but it’s a price we pay for our freedom from the old, constraining systems we worked under.

No one wants to get sick or have loved ones getting sick, but I am pretty sure that when it happens no one who has to care for that person wishes they were back in the 9 to 5.


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