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I wish I had known a few years ago what I now know about using video to tell my business story on line and I wish I had taken action then. Not that it’s too late, just that now the world is starting to realise how powerful video marketing is I’m having to catch up fast!

It’s not that I hadn’t seen the statistics, like that there are over 92 billion videos viewed each month on YouTube and that some 80% of people who reach a website with a video on it will watch it and then, of those, about 50% will take some form of suggested action.

But for a combination of reasons I did not take action.

I guess I could sum up my “reasons” as:

  • too expensive
  • too technical
  • too time consuming
  • not a good investment of my time
  • something I’d would get around to later

In hindsight it’s probably more realistic to say “excuses” than “reasons”.

Eventually I got started, but I was still feeling a bit daunted about getting it all moving smoothly.

The Amazing Brossmans showed me the way

I started to be more determined about taking action once I became aware of how much success my friends Pam and Steve Brossman and their clients were achieving through using video to market their businesses, their products and services.

Then just last month, as part of the SheExperts course I was doing in Sydney with Pam Brossman, I had the benefit of a day working with Steve on video speaker training.  This was a terrific day of experiential learning (the way I like to learn) – fun, invigorating and definitely empowering.

So of course I’m now keen to see others have the experience I had, plus the practical guidance on how to take action and get results in this fast moving field of video marketing.

Australian seminars coming up

For anyone in Australia, especially people on the east coast,  there is an opportunity coming up to experience the fun and excellent learning you can expect from a day with this dynamic (and down to earth) duo, Pam and Steve.

They are holding a one day seminar in Sydney (May 21st) and another in Melbourne (May 14th, where they’ve told me they will be sharing such gems as:

  • How to use videos to attract more clients and get them to pay more money
  • How to create videos without your having to get in front of the camera

I love the fact that in their no nonsense way they can help you to, in their words, “make videos that get found, get watched and don’t break the bank”.

And if you are one of the many people who are nervous about getting in front of the camera they will help you with that too – painlessly, I can assure you from my own experience!

Des and I were at the Brisbane workshop, and it was content rich

Details for Sydney here

Details for Melbourne here

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