This is kind of a fun post, with a hopefully useful angle in terms of using Twitter for business.

In the video here I explain how:

  • last week, as the annual Quiksilver Pro surfing championships were drawing to a close at nearby Snapper Rocks, I tweeted that I was trying to decide whether to go to the beach or keep working
  • the Quiksilver Pro folks picked up on that and told me I’d won a pair of the leading brand Diamond Dobby board shorts.

Tweet about going to watch Quiksilver Pro finals

Des Walsh in new Diamond Dobby board shorts, Rainbow BayNow I’m trying to think up ways others of us could use the power of Twitter to acknowledge and reward people who give our brand some coverage – especially if our business is more on the professional services side and we don’t have boardies or other such tangible goodies to hand out.

Maybe we should get some tangible goodies to do the rewarding. Although I do wonder whether the planet needs more notepads and ball point pens with various firms’ logos.

Ideas? Something you have done in this line and it worked, that you’d care to share?

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