To anyone who takes even a slight interest in online marketing trends, it is no news that Web TV, with internet video live and on demand, is hot!  The growth of Internet TV is the marketing phenomenon of our times.

For many of those of us who are already promoting our products and services online, a burning question is just how do we get together the resources and skills to participate in this new online revolution and reap the rewards.

Certified Life and Business Coach and Online Strategist Dana Dunn has the answer in her new Web TV Workshops program, now in pre-launch mode.

Early Bird Offer

And of course there is a special offer for early birds, as Dana has revealed in a recent interview with Law of Attraction  specialist Suzie Cheel.

“Video is the fastest growing advertising medium being used for both online and offline businesses” Dana said. “If you are not yet using the power of video to market your business, then your competitors are going to take your customers and your business!”

The beauty of Dana’s program is you can cut through very quickly to having your own Web TV channel. Unlike the days, quite recently, when you needed the help of a TV production company and thousands of dollars to get you into that game.

Dana’s workshops program is practical, accessible without disrupting your timetable, and economical.

“I am so delighted that Dana has produced this program,” Suzie Cheel said. “Dana is a brilliant coach, practical and creative. She knows how to put together for you a site that will be a powerful marketing engine and she is just such a wonderful person to work with.”

web tv workshops

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