Brandie Kajino’s Soho Solutionist site provides resources for everyone working from home

screenshot of Soho Solutionist site

Soho Solutionist is the second site to be highlighted from my Top Sites for home business owners.

To explain the site’s purpose and focus I doubt I could improve on the words of site author, Brandie Kajino:

This site, and my business, are about making technology and small business tools accessible and understandable to real people. As a Professional Organizer, I also have a unique approach with my clients. I hope to transfer skills you can use in your business. My mission is to be helpful to you, so you can grow your business and change your corner of the world.

Soho Solutionist is definitely not one of those sites, sadly multitudinous, which have no evidence of intelligent human involvement and have some recycled articles on setting up a home office, surrounded by lots of advertisements for various products.

The Soho Solutionist site, like its owner Brandie, is practical and shows respect for the realities professionals face in working from home.

You can get a sense of Brandie’s practicality and intelligent approach to the challenges of working from home from the discussion I had with her earlier this year on my Des Walsh & Friends show on BlogTalkRadio – you can listen to/download the podcast here.

Home based entrepreneurs can use the Soho Solutionist site with the confidence that comes from knowing that Brandie has tons of experience in empowering busy professionals with information, technology, tools and simple organizing solutions.

On theĀ  site you will find lists of resources, articles on home office organization, and of course details about how you can explore possibilities for working with Brandie to help your business.

There is also a blog and there are podcasts.

I’m open to adding more sites about professionals working from home, preferably authored by home based professionals themselves, to my Top Sites page. If you know of such a site, please let me know via the Contact page.

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