If you’re experiencing blogger’s block, chances are your blogging has stopped being fun.

Entrance to Luna Park, Sydney

Whether your first blog post was great fun or a serious, perhaps gut-wrenching challenge – not everyone loves writing – if you kept going for more than a month or two you presumably were getting some joy out of it, on some level.

More so if you have been blogging for years.

Is there still joy for you in blogging?

Is it perhaps the most enjoyable thing you do every day, or one of the most enjoyable?

Or is it, at least sometimes, a chore and something from which you can very easily be distracted?

And if you’re someone who hasn’t started blogging yet, do you wonder whether you could enjoy the process, or would it be just hard slog?

I’m talking of course about business blogging. For someone blogging as a hobby, the presumption would be that he or she is having fun.

Even with business blogging, I believe there are some people for whom their blogging is more fun than, say, eating, or chatting with friends.

But for many of us, myself included, it is some sort of mixture of joy and dutiful work, with the joy sometimes anticipated but not immediately evident.

No different, fundamentally, from our experience of business – something that at times can flow effortlessly and be quite pleasurable, even joyful and that at times can be seriously challenging, perhaps stressful and even make us wonder why we were so dumb as to give up that perfectly good job we had, and the car, and the office, etc etc.

(At which times we forget, conveniently, the intra-office politics, the commute, the lousy coffee… in short, all the reasons we chucked that way of life for this work at home caper.)

With blogging, what I find as with other business-related activities, is that once I get going I almost always enjoy the process and certainly enjoy completing various projects, including blog posts.

So for me the trick is to get going. That means in turn that I need to set up systems and processes that take the stress out of getting going. And in the course of writing this post I remembered I had written about this before. I did a quick search on the archives of this blog and found a post from way back in 2005, Blogger’s Block Zapped Thanks to a Well-Travelled Meme. The meme in question is a good one: I’m planning to challenge myself and use in the next few days – watch this space.

I recommend you also check out Grant Griffiths’ excellent post on the subject: Writer’s Block – It’s all about the cows. Grant thinks blogging should be fun, too. Yes, even (especially?) business blogging.

What really gives me joy with blogging is getting feedback that a particular post has helped someone understand something better or find something they were looking for.  But to get to that I have to first do the post, which means getting started…

Do you have any tricks of the trade to share, for beating blogger’s block?

Image: entrance to Luna Park, Sydney, March 2009, copyright Des Walsh

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