Planning a membership site? Do yourself a big favor and get Yaro Starak’s Membership Site Masterplan report

I’ve been working lately with a colleague on plans for a membership site and finding that there are some interesting challenges involved, so I was more open that I might have been when my partner Suzie encouraged me to listen to a recorded version of Yaro Starak’s Membership Site Masterplan Report (affiliate link).

I was not disappointed. Far from it.

I was very impressed and learned a lot. And having listened to the audio version, I knew I had to download, print out and read the whole 72 page report. Which I did – and was even more impressed.

Yaro Starak Membership Site Mastermind

Certainly I was quite well disposed in advance to learn from Yaro on the subject of subscription-funded membership sites. From having watched his steady but nevertheless amazing progress over the years as an Internet entrepreneur, having observed how others spoke of him and having met him in real life (we actually co-hosted a panel at a conference once), I know that the guy is real, with a good sense of humor, not a boaster or a booster, and has a genuine interest in helping other people succeed and create the lifestyle they want.

The report is actually quite challenging, especially if you read between the lines. Yaro makes no secret of the fact that if any of us want to create the sort of six figure income which he has created for himself and which he shows is possible with a well planned, well executed membership site, we are going to have to work our tails off for a while. But not forever.

I am sure I would learn more from Yaro’s coaching course and probably have more accelerated success that way, but even from the report I feel I can now confidently go about developing and implementing a successful membership site.

As far as I could see, just about all the key areas are covered, including marketing, the technology to use, advice on pricing, how to use psychological triggers to influence decision-making (and do that ethically, so you can sleep at night) and lots of great advice on the pre-launch and launch phases.

There is even advice on how to set up and manage your site so that you can get the best price if and when the time comes when you want to sell it.

The one area I would like to have seen something included was that of keyword research: perhaps too big a subject to tackle in the space of what is already a very full (and free) document, but at least some words to alert people to the value of keyword research and where to get more information about that.

That said, it is an excellent report and was well worth the time I spent reading it. And drawing on the report’s content and other research I’ve been doing I’ve now done a spreadsheet with a checklist of all the key issues and tasks involved, from go to whoa. That was an exercise well worth doing, especially as it helped show up the things I hadn’t previously been taking into account.

The link again.

Do you know of other resources (especially free ones) for people planning or managing subscription-based membership sites?

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