For business blogs, the Blogger and sites leave much to be desired

Blogger LogoPeople just getting into blogging for business will often start with a Blogger site or sometimes with a site.

In this post I go over some reasons why I recommend against using Blogger or, as far as business blogging is concerned.

I know there are successful blogs on the Google-owned Blogger platform. And speaking historically, if it hadn’t been for the original Blogger making the process of starting blogging so fall-over easy, there might not be so many happy bloggers around today.

wplogo128And as with Blogger, the WordPress hosted sites are so easy and quick to set up that it is tempting for the time-strapped business owner who may have decided against Blogger, to go with Many do.

However, my advice to people who want to blog for business or as part of their business is move to a situation where you have more control. Typically this will mean getting a self-hosted site, such as with The analogy from our offline world is that you have more control if you own your own house than if you are renting (and thus dependent on the continuing good will of the owner).

With Blogger and with you simply cannot have the control over your own online assets that you have with a self-hosted site.

Gautam Hans provides a good list of reasons for anyone blogging professionally to move from Blogger. To his list I would add, as at least one of the commenters on that post does, the matter of control, as explained above. And for anyone contemplating setting up a site, I recommend a thoughtful reading of the terms of service.

I have tried so many blogging platforms I have truly lost count., self-hosted, works. There are a number of hosting services which want to attract you to set up your WordPress site with them. We use HostGator and are very happy with them, on price and on quality of service (24/7 chat is standard service). To paraphrase an old advertising slogan, we liked HostGator so much we became affiliates.

Some hosting services, such as PressHarbor, will give you more personalised help with your setup and give you specialised support.

And if you don’t like your hosting service, you can move the blog without detriment (assuming you are on a monthly payment).

There are other, perfectly good solutions besides I’ll save those for subsequent posts. And of course, as always, I welcome comments and suggestions.

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