Talking about Boomers Next Step

BlogTalkRadioLogoLast Thursday, US time – Friday my time – on my Des Walsh & Friends show on BlogTalkRadio I had a great chat with my friend and colleague Bill Vick.

You can listen to the episode – or download it to listen later – at this link Bill Vick on Des Walsh & Friends.

Although separated by thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean, Bill and I have worked together for a few years now. It is a mark of how business has changed in recent years that we have been able to collaborate, co-author books and now begin planning for an ambitious new project, without ever having met face to face and without spending a vast amount of money on communications. In fact, most of our communication is via email and Skype, which means there is no cost to either of us, apart from the regular internet connection charges we incur anyway.

We have produced, with publisher Happy About, the book LinkedIn for Recruiting, which went through two editions and which we finally “retired”:  the e-book version of the second edition is now available free of charge and can be downloaded from the link in the sidebar here. We also published, independently, the audiobook – DVD and e-book – Big Biller, based on a series of interviews with highly successful recruiters and other industry leaders.

And now, as we discussed in last week’s BlogTalkRadio session, we are about to launch our Boomers Next Step project, to help boomers meet new challenges, especially in terms of career and business.

Bill, never a man to let the grass grow under his feet, has in fact already got the project going, with a stack of resources and a series of fascinating video interviews on the Boomers Next Step project site.

We’ll be making some specific announcements over the next couple of weeks. If you would like to know more and be kept in the loop, check out the Contact page on Boomers Next Step: if you give us your details there or get the RSS feed link, we will be able to keep you posted.

We’re both excited about this project and I’ll endeavour to provide the occasional update here on Thinking Home Business too.

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