Wondering whether the world needs another book on home based business

The Book of Good IntentionsThis post is partly confessional and partly fishing for suggestions or advice.

Having a bout this morning of “what will I write about today?” I went to take a look at some older posts, to see if there was something I’d written previously which might do with an update.

In doing that I was taking a leaf from my own book, having spent a lot of time yesterday on another blog updating what had consistently been the most visited post since I wrote it nearly two years ago. That task took longer than I’d anticipated, partly because I had learnt a lot more about the topic and had more to share than with the original post.

So it was with a touch of trepidation that I decided today to go the whole hog here, a bit over five years back to the beginning of Thinking Home Business and the first post in August 2004. Or, as it turned out, the first post and another on the same day.

My trepidation was justified

I found that in those early posts I had declared for the blog an intention or purpose which has not eventuated.

In the first post I wrote:

… I intend to write an e-book to help people setting up and running their home based business.

Then in another post on the same day I went further:

…it is my intention for this blog to chronicle the development of the book and any related outcomes

So much for intentions.

What happened?

Or rather, why did the book not happen?

I can think of lots of reasons, including of course procrastination. But one thing that happened was that as I experimented with blogging and then became more involved in social media more broadly, my focus of attention shifted. Writing a book about doing home based business dropped off the to-do list, it seems.

Mind you, in the meantime I have authored one book and co-authored two others. But none on home based business.

What now?

Actually, the question “what now?” begs another question, which I flagged in the heading at the top of this post.

And it’s this:

Is the world ready for another book on home based business?

Or more to the point, would enough people be likely to get valuable information and insights from a book by me on the practicalities of home based business to make the project worth doing?

There is of course the excellent, comprehensive Undress for Success by Kate Lister and Tom Harnish, which I reviewed here in September. But I’m not even thinking of trying to compete with that book: as I indicated in my review it is full of valuable information and advice, and I commend it highly. But it’s not the kind of book I’m thinking of doing.

If I were to proceed now or in the near future with a book on home based business, I think I would be doing so with my coach’s hat on and with an emphasis on helping home based business owners with the “inner game” of owning and managing a business. How you (we) deal with any sense of isolation from the mainstream of business, how we deal with our own reactions to clients whose demands seem unreasonable. How we balance the big picture for our business with the daily details. And so on.

And I would be hoping to interview some people who have success stories to tell about their home based businesses and sharing some tricks of the trade.

Would there be a perceived need for that, do you think? And not to put too fine a point on it, would people be likely to pay for something like that?

Or is there another book, another topic, that would be of more interest, more useful – and yes, more saleable?

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