Home Office Organizer Brandie Kajino Shares Some Wisdom on Being Practical About the Junk

First, a confession: I have never had a consistently tidy desk.

There, I’ve said it – and that wasn’t really so bad.

It was so good in those days long ago when I had a secretary who used to organize my desk, my schedule etc. But once I chose the home based business option – and really, I have never looked back – I found I had to take action, on a fairly regular basis, to sort things, toss some and generally re-establish some semblance of order.

As for example yesterday, when I decided I could not work another day with the piles of paper and books that threatened to cascade all over my desk if I made any sudden move. I had a big sorting, throwing-out and filing for an hour or so and was then able to get back to business.

Which kind of works for me. But still, when I meet people who are experts on how to organize your office and probably your life, my first reaction is somewhat of an attack of the guilts.

Take Brandie Kajino, for instance.

The Home Office Organizer

Actually, when you meet Brandie you won’t feel bad, because she is such a delightful, happiness-spreading person.

And she is an expert organizer, specializing in helping people sort out their home offices. Actually, she is The Home Office Organizer.

What brought all this on was my reading today a post by Brandie in which she basically admitted she is human and does not have some regime of tidiness which is in practical terms unattainable by some of us less naturally neat mortals.

And if you have ever worried, as I have, that you are not as organized as you should be, you owe it to yourself to read Brandie’s wonderful post, “Organized” is NOT Code For “Perfection”.

Just as a taste:

Being organized doesn’t mean you have to have color-coded cabinets or files, have everything (including the dog) labeled and forgo your work to keep everything spotless. What it DOES mean is some semblance of order that makes sense for you and your life. And that means a daily decision to keep things in working order.

If you want to see whether Brandie might be able to help you, why not take advantage of her no obligation 15 minute consultation?

And no, FTC and whoever else might ask, I don’t get a commission. I just know Brandie knows her stuff (and how to help the rest of us from letting our stuff get in the way of our business).

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