The video embedded in this post is a review of the book Undress for Success, subtitled “The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home”, authors Kate Lister and Tom Harnish, published by Wiley.

I included some information and positive comments about the book in  a post here some months ago. At the time I fully intended to do a longer review post fairly soon after that, but each time I went to start that review I was blocked, so to speak, but the thought that I might not do it justice.

In the video review, which is just over 12 minutes, I give my impression of the book and single out some of the features that appealed to me, including its comprehensiveness, realism, thoughtfulness and humor.

I’ve noticed that in the video , where I mention the subtitle of the book I say “from home”, not “at home”. A slip of the tongue which I believe I compensate for adequately in the video where I explain the distinction and why the authors are concentrating on the phenomenon of people working at home.

Undress for Success is a valuable resource for anyone currently working at home, anyone thinking about it, employers, public policy-makers and others. I am indeed impressed.

Have you already been through the book, or at least skimmed it? Please share your thoughts here .

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