How many times in your life have you seen a sign saying “”Under New Management”?

And what are those signs supposed to convey? Things will be better? In what way, better prices, better service? But they don’t say that, do they? So when you think about it wouldn’t you say we’re really none the wiser?

I mean, maybe the prices are going up rather than down, maybe the range of goods or services is being “streamlined” so you can’t any longer buy your favorite items there, maybe staff numbers have been “rationalized”, so now it will take even longer to get served.

Whereas the sign on a coffee shop at my local mall today says something different. It says “Under New Happy Management”.

And while passing by the other morning I noticed a woman from the coffee shop serving some people. She was bright, cheery, efficient. Of  course.

Thinking about writing this post I asked myself, how do I deal with clients and business colleagues? Do I let the challenges of business and the GFC get me down so I act and sound overwhelmed and grumpy? Or is my home based business always (or most of the time) under happy management? It’s been going for 21 years, but I’d like to think so, at least for now and the future.

Is your business under happy management? Any tips? Feel free to share your story here of how you’ve made it so.

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