strawberries sign at market

This sign at the local Sunday market, for strawberries, is even simpler than the honey sign the other week.

The appeal is direct and the message instantly absorbable: even without words you know it’s a strawberry stand; the words and numbers tell you it’s half a kilo for $5, which is very good value compared to any local supermarket.

We know from previous conversations and from the look of the strawberries on display that they were probably picked the previous day or evening and had not been in a truck or a coolroom since.

But what I really love about the sign is the “Yum Yum”. That’s the emotional appeal and for most people will probably have more impact than the price, which as I say is a very good price anyway. The sign’s real appeal is to the taste buds more than the calculating brain.

As I learnt when I studied the Sandler Sales System at great expense – and this farmer probably knew without having to do a course or pay money – people buy emotionally, they only make decisions intellectually.

The strawberry sign was a good reminder to me to check my marketing and see whether I am trying to first engage people’s intellects or their emotions.

By the way, the strawberries were scrumptious – Yum Yum indeed – and we went back for more the next week.

Do you have a story you would like to share about marketing and emotional appeal or emotional responses?

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