Gotta Love A Freebie!

What a surprise we had this week when we went to collect our mail! An unexpected box of goodies from the Nuffnang bloggers’ network.

Yes, we are associates of Nuffnang, but we really appreciated this suprise because it was not anything we could have expected as being due to us. It was an example of the philosophy of abundance that we have observed is central to how Nuffnang operates.

We had been talking, as we were walking on the beach, about gratitude and being grateful for where we live. And I had been preparing a talk for Toastmasters that night, on The Power of Gratitude, in terms of helping to attract abundance: so the arrival of this unexpected box was a real bonus. Yes I did add it to my Toastmasters speech.

When we openedĀ  the box we found lots of goodies, a thank you letter and a Myer card loaded with $10 :).

So what is this Nuffnang bloggers’ network?

Nuffnang is an Asia Pacific blog advertising platform with an 800-strong Australia blogging network. It’s a lot bigger outside Australia: as of July 2009, they have 80,000 bloggers in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines using Nuffnang ads.

Interested? You can read more here about Nuffnang and about how you can become a part of their ad network. If you sign up between August 12 and September 11, 2009, Nuffnang will send you a sample box of goodies pictured above.

Nuffnang has a motto of fun, so this week lots of bloggers around Australia had some fun and many of us have written about our fun boxes. This is a great example of businesses working together to support one another.

Are you a Nuffnang Blogger?

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