As promised last week, the series Working From Home and Loving It continues. Today’s post is about some of the pleasures I experience in working from home.

Thinking about that reminds me immediately of my experience the other week when I went to the city for a seminar. As it was a breakfast event and on the previous trip I had been very stressed out from driving there – I was scheduled to speak so the peak hour traffic was especially bothersome – I decided this time to drive to the nearest railway station and catch the train.

It was very comfortable and a very modest contribution to reducing my carbon footprint for the day. As I boarded at the beginning of the line I had my choice of seats. There were no traffic jams and I arrived on time.

But one thing troubled me.  No smiling faces.

office worker

I’m used to starting my day with a walk on the beach and a swim most days except in winter, greeting regular fellow walkers and swimmers, who are invariably cheery or at least smiling, then heading home, having breakfast and hopping into work in the best of spirits.

But there were no smiles on the faces of the workers on the train or making their way through the city once I had left the train. In fact, most of them looked about as cheerful as someone who’d won the lottery and lost the ticket.

I told myself I needed to do this more often, not to make myself feel miserable, but to remind myself how fortunate I am in being able to work from home, make my own hours, spend not an hour or more communing commuting but more like 30 seconds and have a healthy, fresh salad for lunch not some four hour old sandwiches or fast food from a local outlet.

Yes, like a lot of people who work from home I work on weekends as well as on weekdays, I am sometimes at my desk at ten at night or later and there are benefits I don’t have that a lot of those people I saw dejectedly making their way to their cubicles do have.

There are trade-offs.

For what it’s worth, here is a list of 12 things that give me pleasure about working from home:

  • 30 second commute
  • wear what I like
  • do what I love not what I’m told has to be done
  • have chats on Skype or Twitter or the phone with friends and colleagues around the world, when and as often as I choose
  • do my coaching without having to leave home
  • eat healthily
  • have a good cup of coffee and not pay three or four dollars for the privilege
  • able to have a walk and swim in the morning to set up the day
  • associate with business colleagues I like and choose to associate and collaborate with
  • free of intra-office politics
  • the company of my partner Suzie, who also works from home (and also blogs!)
  • the absence of the more common disjunction between “work” and “life” – I prefer a harmonious flow

What gives you pleasure working from home?

Image credit: Sydney Office Worker, by Tilly Dog Fauxtografix via Flicker CC

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