Is there a practical difference, as well as a semantic one, between working from home and working at home? The authors of a book I’m reading, with a view to posting a review here, believe there is.

Undress for Success book coverWith the eye-catching title of Undress for Success, the just-published book by Kate Lister and Tom Harnish promises to reveal “The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home”. I’m up to Chapter 8, which is part of Section 2 – “Pajama Paychecks: Jobs You Can Do in Your Jammies”. The breezy style of the book title and section and chapter headings is reflected in a lightness of style in the book, without sacrificing the fundamental seriousness of the topic. Which means it is not a light read, but a good one.

The authors emphasize that the book is about working at home, not working from home. They give the example of plumbers, who work from home but can’t actually fix your drains if they stay at home. The focus of the book is on “work the offers a full-time income and can be done at home”.

The scope of this blog is different, in that it looks at business from the point of view of professionals working from home – many of whom will work for most or all of the time at home.

But given those distinctions, I have nevertheless already picked up enough information and ideas from the book to be looking forward to some more reading this coming weekend.

Reading the book has also prompted me to revisit some posts here about working from home, under the title of Working From Home and Loving It. I was surprised to see that the last post I had done in the series, one of three I did on “myths” about home based business, was late last year!

Posts so far in the series, commencing with the general post introducing the series, are:

Working From Home and Loving It: a Series

Working From Home and Loving It: The “Not a Real Business” Myth

Working From Home and Loving It: The Isolation Myth

Working From Home and Loving It: The Myth of Financial Insecurity

But the series was actually meant to go further. In the original concept, back in October, I Working From Home and Loving It: a Seriesa,had stated my aim of covering:

  • Myths demolished (e.g. the myth of not having a “real” business)
  • Pleasures of working from home
  • Challenges for the serious business builder
  • Secret weapons for the home based business owner

Not sure what happened to the plan!

Anyhow, right now, with so much gloom and doom talk around and so many people not having currently a choice to work in “away-from-home” locations, seems like a good time to pick up the ball and move on from the myths and onto the next segment, pleasures of working from home.

Next week. Promise.

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