G’day all!

What do you mean, g’day all? Where’ve you been? Haven’t seen you round here for a couple of weeks, at least.

Erm, I’ve been doing some social networking.

Social networking?

Yes, on Twitter.

On Twitter? So blogging doesn’t count anymore for social networking? And anyway, what do you think we are, your loyal readers and subscribers over all these years on Thinking Home Business, chopped liver?

Well, no. I really enjoy being in contact with you all.

I just got a bit distracted.

Yeah, we know. They’re more fun, that lot, aren’t they? What do you call them, your tweeps? Really. All those followers, probably gone to your head. But seriously, do you think they actually take any notice of you? Think they’re not just adding you to their list so they can say ‘Look how many followers I’ve got?’

Maybe. But I do have some really interesting conversations there.

Conversations! In 140 character messages? As in “Thks, I think ur rlly onto smthng there…”? Give us a break!

Think about it. Here on the blog you actually write in sentences, with some paragraphs, even subordinate clauses. OK, so sometimes (maybe a lot, come to think of it) you rattle on a bit, overdosing on the subordinate clauses. But we think you do make a bit of an effort, most of the time.

Well, ok, maybe with Twitter it’s just the ease of it. There’s no effort there. You know, I don’t have to think about whether I have a picture to go with the post, as I try to make sure I do here – because all the gurus tell me you get better Google rankings if you have a picture with a blog post.

And maybe it’s because on Twitter I often get people re-tweeting something I’ve tweeted. Or commenting on what I’ve done.

“And we don’t comment? We don’t give you our considered opinions? And usually in a bit more depth than a tweet?”

That’s fair. Maybe it’s the immediacy. The feeling that someone is actually responding instantly.

“Uh huh. Sounds like cheap thrills.”


OK. I guess I have been a bit dazzled. And lazy. Although I do have a few other commitments.

“And we don’t? You think we wait around all day for your posts? Get real!”

Well, what if I got back on the wagon? Started to put some time in to writing a few posts here? Would that help?

“Maybe. Try us.”

I will.

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